Welcome to the Passion & Prosperity podcast.  I created this podcast out of a love of speaking with people who have leveraged their passion to create something interesting and extraordinary. Whether it’s a business, a brand or even a hobby, I’m truly enamored when people combine vision and determination to generate prosperity in their lives.  It is my hope these stories will inspire you to consider what illuminates your soul and perhaps even provide some guidance on how to create more abundance in your life.

PP015 | Greg Goodman: In Episode #15 of Passion & Prosperity, I speak with Greg Goodman.  Greg is the Founder and CEO of KTonic Kombucha.  As a lover of coffee and kombucha, he began home-brewing over a decade ago.  At the recommendation of his wife, Greg created a low-sugar kombucha and the seeds of KTonic were planted.  Today, KTonic has created a highly enjoyable line of komuchas and are on a slow and steady path to becoming a national brand.  You can learn more about Greg’s company at ktonickombucha.com.  I hope you enjoy! 

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