Welcome to the Passion & Prosperity podcast!  I created this podcast out of a love of speaking with people who have leveraged their passion to create something interesting and extraordinary. Whether it’s a business, a brand or even a hobby, I’m truly enamored when people combine vision and determination to generate prosperity in their lives.  It is my hope these stories will inspire people to consider what illuminates their soul and perhaps provide some guidance on how they can create more abundance in their lives.  Finally, I would love to hear your feedback via an iTunes review or via my website at passionandprosperity.me

PP001 | Matt Butterfield: In this, the first episode of Passion & Prosperity, my guest, Matt Butterfield, brings a unique and interesting perspective on his pursuit of prosperity as he talks about defining the type of life he wanted to live long before he examined his strengths and passion(s).  In fact, during a solo camping trip in the mountains, Matt created a life guide which helped him define what was important to him and he continues to lean on the guide to this day.  Matt talks about his passion in creating processes which lead to greater efficiencies in his life and work and his desire to work with people he enjoys and the importance of adventure in helping himself maintain balance and focus. Lastly, he talks about the challenges along the path and acknowledges that it was definitely was not easy pursuing his bliss, however, it made the journey that much more enjoyable.

You can see some of beautiful custom homes that Matt’s company builds at Butterfield Custom Homes and you can learn more about the interior design company Matt is involved with at Butter Lutz Interiors.  Matt was also kind enough to share a copy of his life guide which can be viewed below.