Hi Everyone, welcome to Passion & Prosperity.  My name is Paul T. Shafer and I gotta admit, I’m giddy as a school-boy to be here.  You see I love speaking with people who have figured out a way to tap into their passion to create prosperity in their lives.  And for the next several months … maybe even a little longer … I’m going to be interviewing people right here on the Passion & Prosperity podcast to talk about how they leveraged their passion to create something interesting and extraordinary.   

So who am I … who’s Paul T. Shafer?  You got it.  For starters, I’m a husband, a father, a brother, a businessman, a daydreamer, a serial entrepreneur and … as of today … a podcaster.  I’ve worked for big companies like Dell Computer and British Airways, some small companies you’ve probably never heard of, some good companies and most certainly some bad companies.  One of things I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember, is talking to successful people about how they did what what they did to get where they got.  Why, I’d even say it’s become a passion of mine.

What else am I passionate about?  I absolutely adore my family … my wife … our kids and our puppy Izzy.  I’m also passionate about experiential learning.  In fact, you can find our family blog at shaferpower.com and you can see a bunch of interviews we’ve done with local entrepreneurs here in Austin and a bunch of other interesting folks from around the world.  I should note the blog is pretty much the impetus behind Passion & Prosperity.  I’m also super passionate about using my body to stay in shape … so running, biking, hiking, yoga … you name it…I love it all.  Finally, my secret passion is the Green Bay Packers.  I say secret because – well, thanks to my parents – it’s been with me my whole life and it makes me do some really silly things on Sunday afternoon — like yelling at the TV set.  So I guess it’s not really secret, per se, but I’d rather nobody know that I’m still getting all uptight about a silly football game.  So there’s that.  

I created this podcast because I believe that all of us have something special inside that really illuminates our soul. I say this because I’ve interviewed so many people and heard so many soul-bearing stories that I just believe.  Plain and simple.  But I think the fun part of the passion equation is figuring out a way to create prosperity.  So we’re going to talk to a lot of people about that in the podcast — on what I refer to as the path to prosperity.

Finally, I’m super committed to the cause so if you know anyone interesting I should be interviewing for the podcast, please drop me a note via my website which can be found at passionandprosperity.me.  Lastly, I’d love your feedback on iTunes as it’s what keeps the lights on around here.  Or something like that.  That’s all I got.  Peace, Passion and Prosperity!